Course on Cuban Popular and Traditional Dance

This course focuses on the basic steps and important figures of Cuban traditional dance. It includes several Cuban dance and movements forms used in salsa dancing as additional stylistic resources. Three options available:
1. Cha-cha-cha, mambo, mozambique, pilón, conga.
2. Cuban son, and suburban son.
3. Rumba compound (Columbia, Yambú, and Guaguancó).


• Warming-up
• Main steps and movements
• Possible combinations (several steps and movements choreography)
• Usage in salsa dancing, solos, or couple dancing.

Intermediate, or higher, salsa dancing level.

At the end of the course, students are able to master a safe and articulated movement in the chosen dance, besides and easy demonstration of salsa dancing.

A minimum of 15-hour course. Maximum of 3-hour lesson per session.

• 1 student: 15 hours: 360 CUC
• 1 student: 21 hours: 480 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 15 hours: 290 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 21 hours: 390 CUC