Intensive Course on African Dances (Returning to roots)

This course focuses on salsa´s African roots, and body expressions of Afro Cuban dancing movements. It does not include salsa dancing particular techniques. It teaches the Afro Cuban elements used in salsa dancing as a free style – especially for body expression. The course includes three modules: Yoruba; Congo-Abakuá, and Cuban Rumba.


• Yoruba Art
• Yoruba basic steps (applied to all saints)
• Individual saints (males and females)
• History of Saints (introduction to live chants, with yoruba percussion)
Congo and Abakuá
• Afro warming-up
• Basic steps
• Afro warming-up
• Basic steps for Yambú, Guaguancó, and Columbia
• Yambú pairs (history, interpretation and special movements)
• Guagancó pairs (history, interpretation, and special movements)
• Columbia (history, interpretation, and special movements)
• Use of Cuban Rumba in Salsa dancing.

A good intermediate, or advanced, level of salsa dancing, or equivalent knowledge of African dances.

At the end of the course, the students are able to get to know, deeply, the history of dance in Cuba; integrating the aesthetic resources of Afro Cuban dancing into salsa dancing.

A minimum of 15-hour course. Maximum of 3-hour lesson per session.

• 1 student: 15 hours: 360 CUC
• 1 student: 21 hours: 480 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 15 hours: 290 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 21 hours: 390 CUC