Reggaeton and Salsaton Course

Reggaeton and Salsaton currently get very much influenced by salsa, especially in Cuba, and mainly in Havana. They are very popular ways of dancing among youngsters, because they are influenced by hip-hip and rap. They are not danced in couple, but they include very sophisticated steps and sensual and flirtatious movements that can be integrated as an important element of salsa style.


• Warming-up
• Main steps and movements
• Possible combinations (choreography of several steps and movements)
• Usage in salsa dancing (Salsaton), solos or couple dancing.

A good salsa dancing intermediate, or advanced, level.

At the end of the course, students will be able to master an articulate and safe movement of Reggaeton dancing, besides an easy demonstration in salsa dancing (Salsaton).

A minimum of 15-hour course. Maximum of 3-hour lesson per session.

• 1 student: 15 hours: 360 CUC
• 1 student: 21 hours: 480 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 15 hours: 290 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 21 hours: 390 CUC