Intensive salsa course for advanced level

This course is ideal for students who can already dance to salsa music, but who also want to make significant progress in terms of style, expression, and music interpretation. Students get deep into dancing techniques, specifically for the most advanced levels. Dance and rhythm classes are suited to the students´ level, and they include free steps, advanced salsa figures, basics of rumba and son, and their usage in salsa dancing, the understanding and interpretation of salsa music and advanced techniques to lead the dance.


• Warming-up
• Free steps with Cuban steps
• Rhythm classes
• Exercises to improve dance style and body expression
• Salsa figures according to level, as well as improvisations and double rotations
• Combination with other dancing techniques (salsa, rumba, mambo, son).

Intermediate, or higher, salsa dancing level.

At the end of a 15-24 hours intensive program, students will assuredly be able to perform the typical movements of Cuban dancing style, and to combine a variety of new techniques.

A minimum of 15-hour course. Maximum of 3-hour lesson per session.

• 1 student: 15 hours: 360 CUC
• 1 student: 21 hours: 480 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 15 hours: 290 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 21 hours: 390 CUC