Intensive salsa course for intermediate level

The intensive salsa course for intermediate level is ideal for students to develop and improve their dancing skills; thus achieving significant progress in a fast and sustainable way. The teaching and learning speed are individually suited to the students´ level. It is recommended that students participate in Havana´s salsa parties so that they can practice the skills learned in class. Information is provided on salsa parties’ weekly schedules, and venues.


• Warming-up
• Cuban steps
• Body training
• Specific movement styles for men and women
• Salsa figures according to level (such as Setenta, rightwards and leftwards rotations, Vacílala, Paséala, Exhíbelas, Sombrero)
• Techniques to actively/passively lead the dance.

Salsa basic knowledge

At the end of a 15-21 hours intermediate level program, the students are able to considerably widen the salsa figures repertoire, improving the dancing style.

A minimum of 15-hour course. Maximum of 3-hour lesson per session.

• 1 student: 15 hours: 360 CUC
• 1 student: 21 hours: 480 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 15 hours: 290 CUC
• 2 students sharing the same instructor: 21 hours: 390 CUC