Sentir Eventos is a brand of Salseando Chévere Club that organizes and produces events as from the combination of elements typical of the Cuban culture, emphasizing actors´ emotions.

Sentir Eventos goes for something different, and it offers the opportunity to live transcendental moments that ensures a unique life experience associated to your event. We also stand out for our profound sense of being Cubans, which we imprint on our celebrations, thus enhancing the national cultural elements such as music, dance, habits, traditions, clothing, etc.

We offer the reassurance of your event comprehensive planning and management, guaranteeing everything necessary: transportation, venues, setting, decoration, catering and cocktail bar, security, clothing, animation, sound, lights, screens, promotional material, event´s memoirs, hosts, service personnel, translation service, etc.

Enjoy the sensation of not having to take care of anything, and live transcendental moments, limitless emotions, and unforgettable experiences.

- Let your children have fun decorating party´s candies, or being the leading character on a stage play.
- Let your coming-of-age party be accompanied by dolphins.
- Let your professional event be remembered by its excellent organization, and also by its Cuban gourmet food.
- Let your wedding celebration be as sophisticated, fashionable, and impressive as possible… imaging making your entrance in a parachute.
- Enjoy the presentation of a dancing company at your party, exclusively for you and your guests.
- Or, just have your event to be very especial, so that the simplest things can be enjoyed with an infinite enthusiasm…
Sentir Eventos offers everything you may wish, even what you can´t even imagine…

Contract with Blue Equity

The key issue in business world is to comply with the governing laws, and the gathering of the parties´ will in a legal document. So the transcendence of a contract with Blue Equity, that laid the foundations for the provision of our services, in Cuba and abroad, upon requests of this company´s representatives.